I don't understand...

(Karen started this over at her blog and well, I stole the idea cuz' it's fun)

Why the keyboard player at church has to continue playing after worship is over until the preacher prays or gives a signal.

Why some men still front tuck their shirts.

Why Americans are obsessed with white teeth, it really has gotten out of hand like Ross on friends!

Why people create sins, make up stuff that is not in the bible.

Why fat people will preach against drinking but not gluttony.

Why I can't keep from killing plants even when I think I am taking good care of them.

Why Carlos Whitaker, the hippest and coolest Christian blogger around, wont acknowledge my existence.

Why Hillary Clinton wears such ugly clothes.

Why Steele always wants to talk about boogers, poop, butts and nut's.

Why Christian women let their daughters dress like hookers.

Why anyone would shop at Amercrombie and Fitch.

Why JP doesn't get more hits on his very interesting always updated blog.

Why my kids think I can't dance.

Ok, your turn, what don't you understand?


nice blog. Carlos acknowleged you, you will probably get some traffic from over there. I like your idea of what you don't understand, maybe I will start that at my blog and give you credit for the idea.

My 14 yr old daughter agrees with you about Abercrombie. She calls it "Aberzombie" because everyone goes along with the crowd to wear it. She also doesn't agree with their marketing. She is a smart cookie.

I will go give JP a look, too. I love checking out new blogs. Come visit me, if you'd like. I always love "meeting" new people.
Take care, Carole.
Anonymous said…
Hello....Lichty here from ragamuffinsoul.com. Your site looks great.
Loran Lichty
Tarasview said…
excellent list. I too have always wondered about the keyboard playing thing.

Oh, and I am also visiting from Carlos' blog.
Anonymous said…
I'm visiting from Los' place too. Love the "I don't understand" idea and plan to totally steal it (will give credit of course).

Couple of things...

Hey another LA girl! I'm in Pineville, just outside of Alexandria. Nice to meet you!

I love that you have a whole category called "Christianeese." I use that term a lot and people always look at me like I'm nuts until I explain what I mean.

Adding you to my list so I can check out more from you.
Anonymous said…
I too am visiting from "other guys" blog. I like your blog. I like the keyboard player, I like talking about skinny people who drink, i like dressing like a hooker err never mind, I don't like abercrombie because they don't have a gluttony section and I like JP's blog, but enough with the sneak preview already, they are back from the honeymoon for crying out loud.
Gbrad said…
I am checkin' yo blog just now from being over @ raggamuffin. . . I met Los couple of times in SoCal. . . I'll see s'up w/you in the future (GOD willin') . . . By the way I don't understand Christians, they wear me out . . . praise GOD for Jesus and salvation and humility and . . . you probably follow whutamsayin
Laura said…
Hello from a fellow Ragamuffin reader
Anonymous said…
like the "i don't understand" idea. like many of the others...i will be using this idea for something we have coming up soon.
good post and good site.
Anonymous said…
So Carlos may have given you some attention, but you backed it up with a great post!

I love it!

By the way, I always get "critiqued" that I don't tuck in my shirt. next time that happens, I'll just refer them here :)

Anonymous said…
Awesome post! It's late, just got back from Iron Man [great summer flick I might add]...

That being said, I don't understand why Hollywood feels that the rest of America lives to watch 25 min of previews before the show starts.
deWeb said…
i don't understand why i can stay up until stupid hours of the bleak morning reading blogs and writing comments, but stick me behind the wheel of a car at night and i start feelin' real drowsy...
Unknown said…
Awesomely funny!

hmmmm...you got a lot of traffic form Los's place but no Carlos yet.

I wouldn't stop until he paid you a visit ;)
alex mclean said…
well looks like mentioning Los worked. I love the idea of the post - great stuff and I will probably do one as well and link it back here. Good stuff.
Anonymous said…
I too popped over from Los' blog. Love the idea and have started my own list!

I'll be adding you to my blogroll. Peace!

Anonymous said…
Well, I'm so glad everyone likes your "I don't understand" idea. I might use it on my blog that has no link on my name. Yeah, that's what I'll do.
Anonymous said…
wow. carole turner on THE loswhit blog. the pinnacle of blogdom in many realms. you can die happy now no matter what happens for the rest of your life.

congrats, my blog daughter. (yeah, that's a hint - remember us small people in your pre-fame life as you climb this summit of success.)
Anonymous said…
another congrats for you carole - you win the spelling bee versus carlos. you spelled "existence" correctly and he didn't. ironic ain't it?
rk said…
I don't understand why advertizers aren't paying me millions of dollars for my fabulous blog. Geeeeezzzzz... I've been blogging for all of 3 or 4 days now. What's up!!!??? :0)

Great site. Glad I found you via ragamuffinsoul.com site.

Dean Cooper said…
Carlos left a comment on my blog last weekend. I printed the email notification of his comment and framed it . . .

I like your blog and this subject. Good job.
Ken Row said…
I'm a keyboard player. I didn't realize I was made to play after worship was over -- I thought I got to. I enjoy playing so much that if the pastor permits me to play longer, I'll do it.

It makes sense that everyone can't keep playing -- it'd totally overpower whoever was talking, but some soft, gentle keys adds a bit of ambiance.

Plus, in some of the worship bands I've been in before, nobody could hear the keys when the rest of the band was playing. The after-worship period was the keyboard player's only chance to be heard.

BTW, I jumped here from Ragamuffin Soul.
Carole Turner said…
ha! I was waiting for the angry keyboard player. I'm sorry but I just absolutley hate that time of the service. I really wish I wasn't so OCD, I need meds I guess, but it really bothers me.

Sorry, glad you stopped by, play on.
Anonymous said…
So I hear you are a stat ho? Link me and I'll link you back? H
Anonymous said…

Just another ragamuffin dude checkin' out your blog. Nice post. Glad to find you. I will return.

I'm a worship pastor and I don't understand how this morning everyone on my worship team was late, except the guitarists. They were all early. I totally though I'd missed the rapture. I felt much better when a keyboardist showed up.
b said…
Nice. Also from Carlos' Blog. You can cross one of those off :)

Have a nice Day.
Mary Beth said…
Don't understand why I haven't come across your blog before.

I don't understand WHY IN THE WORLD gas stations are charging 10 cents MORE per gallon when using a debit/ credit card. Aren't they already committing highway robbery! (this happened to me last week!)

Totally agree with the 'dressing your daughters like hookers.' If fact, talked about that very thing but with different 'adjectives' at the Mother/Daughter/women's gigs I spoke at in the weeks preceding Mother's Day.

Love your stuff. I will be a regular reader.
Anonymous said…
Hey baby! I guess you have now arrived in the Blog world. Your Blog has always been my favorite. Of course I am your mother. Love MOM

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