4:52pm Saturday

We just got cleaned up from Steele's Birthday Party. It was really good and I think all the kids had a good time.

This was his invitation,

He was Spiderman..

This is Sissy and Jonas putting together the cool tent that Monett got him.

Steele loves Parfaits from McDonald's so we made home made ones, in these cute 2 inch Dixie cups, for everyone to enjoy at the party.

E made Chocolate cup cakes, home made all the way including the icing, and they were fabulous.

Thank you everyone for the gifts and the fun!

I'm exhausted and so, I self medicate with a little black gold..

Life is good.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Steele! Sorry we couldn't make it!
Elysa said…
Well...finally found something we do NOT have in common. I do not love coffee. I can appreciate its smell. I like artwork and humor related to the stuff. But just can't get myself to like the taste.

Hot CHOCOLATE on the other hand....


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