E bathed today

She sure looks cleaner and smells better too.

The not bathing starts over now, she will bath again on May 10th and then not again until June 10th when she will resume regular bathing.

Frankly, it seems like it's been more then a month and I can't believe she still has two more months of this fund raiser. I will be glad when it gets warm enough for her to swim.

Also, please remember to send your pledges to

19202 Highland Rd,
Baton Rouge, LA. 70809

and put a note on there that says "Dean Turner-Africa missions trip" so they will know what the check is for.

Some people have asked if this fund raiser is for the adoption, it is not, it is strictly for the missions trip to Swaziland Africa that Dean is going on with the sports ministry, NOT for the adoption of A.

Dean will be working directly with people who help the Orphans of Swaziland. He will be part of a sports camp for the kids that come to the Children's Cup Care points there in Swaziland.

Last night we were talking and I told him to try and meet Pepe. She is a little girl that Dan has talked about and also Ben and Susan Rogers. (she is in the middle of this pic, in red) I have seen several pictures of her on their blogs. She lives in an Orphanage near by the Care Points and she is a constant in the lives of the workers there. I have thought many times that if Swaziland allowed international adoptions, of children with AIDS, I would like to adopt her. I think others have thought that as well. But anyways, I hope Dean can meet her and all the other wonderful children at the Care Points. I am very jealous that he gets to go see and touch and spend time with these kids and I do not. I know he will be forever changed and so I am grateful too.

Thanks again to all of you who donated. Really, you have no idea how wonderful of an opportunity you are providing for Dean. And like I have said many times, the "lil Stinky E" experience has been such and amazing learning experience too so we really really do appreciate the seeds you have sown. thank you so much.


Anonymous said…
Did Evangeling lather, rinse, and repeat? I know she felt good after that.
Anonymous said…
update your blog please its been like 2 days, us serious bloggers update daily!!!!

your friend in hammond
Anonymous said…
I got worried because she blogs everyday. Hey! I'm a mother. We get to worry if we want! It must have been quite a day. Love MOM

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