Why I believe Barak Obama Could be good for America

Every day I work with 20-30 black teenage boys. I would say that more then half of them are high school drop outs or several years behind in school. They have no fathers, mothers that work full time and try their best to raise these men but alas, society is who actually raises them in the end.

I am also the mother of a bi-racial boy. In this society he will, like Barak was, be classified as a black male. I will also soon be (God willing) the mother of another black boy, A, once we have adopted him.

I have posted many statistics on this blog about the plight of the American Black Male. It's no secret that the majority of them are lost to society, living in a vicious cycle of illegitimacy, abandonment and crime. Something needs to be done.

I think if Barak Obama were to be elected president it would encourage black boys. I know that sounds shallow, "what about the issues" you say, "they are more important". But I would say they are of equal but not greater importance then what the position of President of the United States says to all American's and the world.

Barak represents a new generation. He is not a career politician. He has fresh ideas and to me, one of the greatest things is he is a unifier. He wants to bring Democrats and Republicans together, find middle ground on issues. Sure, they all say that but he has a history in the Senate of working out compromises.

He is also humble and I think he is sincere. I think he acts from his convictions and I do believe he has a relationship with God.

The only issue that I can't make peace with is his stand on is Abortion. I really don't know how he can be pro-choice. I have read his book and I know he is not pro-abortion, he just feels that it's up to the individual. I disagree. But in his book he talks about legislation that he tried to get passed, that he says would have made abortions less but pro-life legislators didn't want to sign it simply because there was no big show around its passage. No big battle that the news covered so to them it wasn't as important to have fewer abortions as much as it was about winning a very public fight. He felt that tactic was hypocritical and I think he was right.

So, I still don't know if I will actually vote for him. I am praying about it. And I am still researching and studying all the candidates that are still in the race.

But I do believe Obama could do so much good for race relations, inner-city schools, the poor and for the way the rest of the world views America. And I do believe he would be a great role model for the boys I work with. They may actually start to feel like this is their America too and that they are not permanently destined too be a street thug, prisoner, fast food worker or drug dealer. They may be encouraged to stay in school, get a law degree and run for president themselves one day.


Anonymous said…
thank you for posting your honest opinion. so often in our Christian culture it is assumed we are to take a Republican viewpoint, vote for the conservative and call it a day. I dont necessarily endore Obama as a canidate, but i appreciate your perspective.
i've heard so many people say they wouldnt vote for him beacuse of, catch this, his name. because it sounds like he could be a terrorist. im tired of close-minded people and i think you present a good point. even though i think that policy is very important, probably more so than race.

high five mrs. carole!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Carole Turner said…
Hey Leah,

I do think policy is important and I actually only know of one area I disagree with him completely on, which is Abortion. I have to weigh out all the variables. I am just not ok with voting "against" all the time, I want to vote "For". If I am to vote Republican I need to believe they have a plan for real change when it comes to inner-city schools, helping the poor, healthcare and working families. The rich are getting richer. I no longer believe in the economics of the Republican party because I see the gap widening and the poor stuck in dead end jobs. I don't see opprotunity opening, I see it closing and more and more people hurting financially. Sure, when I drove by the hood on the way to church and only had to hear about the poor, I was all for tax cut for the rich but now that I see the hood everday, know the people, feel their hurt, I can no longer think what we are currently doing is working. So, I think Barak may bring some fresh perspective to the White House and may actually be able to bridge the gap. I could be wrong, I never predict the winner of American Idol right so I don't know much but I do know that I have to pray before I push that button in the voting booth and pray Gods will be done.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this. I am leaning toward Obama as well. I got the email about his being a muslim. I need to send this article out to everyone. Keep it up, Sue.
Anonymous said…
Mrs Carol.
I do agree that Mr. Obama would be a good role model for african american children. and i do think that it was terrible that they are sometimes classified as below sociaty. But i have one very stong disaggrement.... I believe that if we elect one of the democrate canidates this great country of ours will become not so great. i saw that because both of them of socialist ideas. I am not posting this comment to be mean or to hate democrates but i would just want to make you aware of your possible president choice.

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