Who are you all?

I check my Blog stats a lot, I use Site Meter and Get Clicky. If you blog, you need one of these. They are way cool. But the down side is it tells you the location of the visit, but not much else so I would really like to know who you are.

Please take a minute and comment, and let me know who you are and why you read this blog. Or even stopped by for a quick visit.



Average Per Day

Average Visit Length

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Yesterday these were the countries that visited The Wardrobe and the White Tree according to Clicky,

Country Visitors

The United States
The United Kingdom
Republic Of Korea
The Philippines

It's cool how many people visit this blog from all over the world. Who are you? Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Italy, New Zealand, Korea, Australia?

And on this Super Tuesday when we American's see our Democracy kickin' into high political gear, I saw Hello to all you US citizens that drop by too.

Thanks so much, all of you for visiting.

Blog on!!


HerstoryGirl said…
I'm still trying to figure out who I am...
david santos said…
Nice photo, Feat. Thank you.
have a good day
Anonymous said…
im the one from slovenia, you caught meee
Lesley said…
That's awesome that people in those different countries are reading your blog! You go girl!

Lesley :-)
Unknown said…
IM from Kennesaw, Ga and I linked you from another blog and so glad I did..Great encouragement is found here
Anonymous said…
I am not sure if it shows up or not but I am from the LP! this is a whole new world here! it may show up as
"aint skerd by nut'n, La.
Anonymous said…
Carole, Jeff and I were just looking at the rumor-mill website for China's adoption process and felt a little frustrated, so I thought I'd hop over and check out your blog. It's a little escape from my world into your world. We think you and Dean rock and we love your perspective on life! (Jeff made me type that. I'd never say "rock", but he wants to be cool like you.) Thanks! Melissa
Shawn Wilson said…
I LOVE the new pic!! Looks great!!
Cajun Tiger said…
viewing from Iraq and found you from Dan's blog I think or maybe you found me from Dan's blog and then I found you from my blog...who knows...that was many moons ago =) Sorry i'm not dropping in much lately...been quite busy since Christmas break.

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