Pictures from a beautiful day

Louisiana was shut down for Mardi gras yesterday, yea; they take a holiday here for parades, beads and drinking. We didn't participate in any of that but we did have a great day.

It was really so nice outside, almost like spring. The kids played and I trimmed our hedges and painted our shutters.

Dean wasn't actually off work though; he just got home early so he helped me paint.

Dean wasn't small enough to get behind this tree and paint this shutter. I literally had to crawl, paint can and brush in hand, under the tree branches and into the middle of the tree limbs to paint!

Look at Dean, he has the clear, easy to reach shutter! But he did have to do this entire shutter set himself, I couldn't stretch across the hedges.

And this picture was Dean's idea. He always comes away clean from painting; I on the other hand get as much paint on myself as I do on whatever I am painting. He just felt it was necessary to show you all this.


Anonymous said…
Hey Carole! You should have Dean trim that tree. It is too close to the house. This is just your mother telling you what to do. I thought you might have missed it.
Love MOM

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