Here's your family

The adoption agency will take this photo album to A in a few weeks. They will tell him right then, for the first time, that we want to adopt him.

Please pray he likes the looks of us.


what's not to love! y'all are the best! just make sure he knows not get in steele's face like landri does. LOL i told landri tonight that steele is just not ready for kisses right now, but that one day he would be..."and until then, leave him alone before you get HURT"! :0)
Anonymous said…
Don't be sending him pictures of me fat. I want him to think he has a young for her age GrandMa. Ha!Ha!
Love MOM
Lesley said…
I wish they could take a picture of his face when he hears that y'all want to adopt him! How awesome would that be?!?! I'm still praying for you, Dean and the kids (including Abel) every day!

Lesley :-)

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