When a child becomes your child

I have started to think about A more and more every day. I will be driving and wonder what he is doing at the moment. We pray every night that he is safe, loved, fed and healthy.

I know there are always things that could happen. Reasons why adoptions don't go through, but just like a pregnancy, you don't let that stop you from falling in love with the child growing inside you. Right now, he is growing in our hearts.

We have no idea what to expect. A is 7, not a new born infant. He also lost both his parents. He may have really loved them, he may have never known them, we don't know. All we do know is that we want to be his parents now and for the rest of his life. And we want to help him through anything he may have suffered. I also know that he will help us.

We are not making a huge sacrifice, no more then any family does when they have a child. Just like when you are pregnant and are excited about the baby coming, you embrace the sacrifices as well as the joys of getting to love a child that God has given you, hope for them, dream for them and pray for them.

That is how it is now for us, a child we didn't even know a year ago is becoming our child.I feel like he is already ours and now, he is just waiting to come home.


Anonymous said…
Hi Carole,
Thought you might enjoy this link. It's from a writer's blog (Lysa T.) that I follow. She and her church experienced a unique African adoption situation that was featured on Oprah. Enjoy.


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