Urban Legends

Before you print out that Applebee's coupon, before you boycott Starbucks because they are Anti-American or think Ashley Flores is a real missing girl and especially before you send out E-mails telling everyone that Barak Obamah is a radical Muslim, please check out


You can enter any keyword in the "search" and it will tell you the facts about that crazy e-mail you just sent or received.

Most if not ALL forwarded E-mails are not true. That's one reason I hate them.

I am not dead, I am blessed, I am still loved and I do still love my friends even though I didn't forward that e-mail to ten people.


HerstoryGirl said…
AMEN, Hallelujah, and God Bless America!!!!

This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves.
Thank you for addressing this!
What so many people don't realize -- when they forward that seemingly innocent email (and I have been guilty in the past, I'll admit) is that MANY of them are used by spammers and spyware/malware to obtain email addresses and other information. If you ARE going to forward something, at least have the common decency to use BCC (blind carbon copy) so that the email addresses are not visible.

You may think you are doing something good by forwarding that sweet prayer or the plea for help in finding a missing child, but you should ALWAYS check out the validity of the story & source before doing so.
And one more thing:
I HATE internet chain letters.
I am not superstitious. I am a Christian. God will not stop loving me and I will not have a really bad day tomorrow if I don't forward this email.
Thank you, Carole!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Ok, I'll shut up now. =D
Joyce said…
I myself always check things out but there is a "new twist" to some of these e-mails...they write at the begining that "I checked this on snoopes"...I got BURNED on that one myself last summer...now I check them REGARDLESS....and I'm still getting that same e-mail sent to me from people.
AND I hate those crazy online "petitions"...those are allowed. I love when your the 100the person to sign it and "have to send it in." Don't DO IT PEOPLE. HA!
Snoopes in in my top 10 of my favorites catagories.
Ummm....I do the BCC thing now too. That way...I'm protected when if I' made a mistake and so are the people I mailed the mistake too. Thank GOD for grace.

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