New Years Eve 2003 we were at Karen's brothers house celebrating New Years. He had some Karaoke going and as you might imagine I was singing the usual Karaoke tunes.

BUT Karen thought it would be fun to try a little Russian Roulette Karaoke, that is where the singer has to sing whatever the other people pick for them to sing..

She thought she had pulled out something that would really stump me, she thought she was dealing with an armature Karaoke singer..

She put on Tush by ZZ Top...

Let's just say I growled, sang in my best raspy voice like I was donning a long beard and twirling a fur covered electric guitar and I kicked that songs BUTT!

So now, in honor of that momentous occasion, Karen has added Tush to the play list on her blog.

Good times.


Anonymous said…
That moment is in my "top 10 laughed so hard I couldn't breathe" moments. The editing is interesting as well...I know. They're watching.
Carole Turner said…
yea. Blog responsibly :-)
Anonymous said…
Wow! What a night. That was a great get together and what a performance. You brought our Karaoke parties to a much greater level.

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