Do ya'll remember that Dean never wanted to go to Africa a few years back? Remember what changed his mind?

He dreamed he was helping do a sports camp in Africa!

This was at least a year before any trip even to Canada was planned for the Sports Ministry team.

We are now raising money to go to Africa to do just what he dreamed!!

Do you feel the impact of that miracle? Do you see how God was preparing Dean?

Think about the fact that when asked months ago, Dean would say he wanted to go to Africa with the sports ministry and I really wanted to go with Refuge or Elevate, and God gave us both the desire of our hearts!!

The train has left the station, steady track is being laid, Gods light is guiding it and I am so in awe of it all.


He's just Rockin that place like I would have never dreamed. We are building lasting relationships with the kids we pick up for Upward Cheerleading and Basketball, the after school program is already running 30 kids a day!! And street outreach is kickin into high gear.

Thank you Jesus for letting us serve together as a family.

We gladly ride the snowball...


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