Random Brain Things

Grace... Carole, Grace.

I have much more of it for a 15 yr old street thug then I do for lilly white preacher wanna-be's.

Lord help me.

I have been extended much grace, so I need to give it.

And I can never remember how to spell original, I always spell it wrong, thank God for Lorri and spell check.

My GED is showing.

Ok so anyway..

E is in New Orleans, she is going to see Hannah Montana tonight FOR FREE. I am very happy for her. I hope she takes some pictures and I hope she doesn't lose or break my camera.

Speaking of Camera. I have some great pictures from Friday's Ladies Thrive Meeting at the Dream Center. It was Mrs.Gertrudes 87th birthday. I will post them, tomorrow hopefully, when/ if (pray) I get my camera back from Evangeline.

Dean worked yesterday at Coke, got off work, went to do Stage Hand work for Hannah Montana's Lafayette concert @ 8:00pm and got home @ 1:00am THEN got up at 5:00am to go work all day at her New Orleans Concert, he will be home tonight around 11:00pm. Needless to say, he will be sleeping all day tomorrow...until Vision Night that is, he is actually looking forward to that.

I have to work it as part of Elevate but I am also looking forward to it.

I think this weather is what has me in this funky place.... Yea, that's it. Thank God for my next breath.


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