Pat Benatar - Invincible

Note the earrings, I totally rocked that look in the 9th grade!! It's weird how much I really did try to look just like her then. But, seriously, check out her outfit, I would wear it this very day.


Anonymous said…
Love it!!! Some of the best music ever came out in the 80's!!! Funny you posted this my hubby and the kids were rockin to 80's music on YouTube Thursday night!! Even my 9 year old son and my 13 year old nephew like it!!

Lesley :-)
Unknown said…
Ok, I never tried to look like her, but I ADORED Pat Benatar when I was growing up -- knew all her songs by heart.
I can't remember; which movie was this video for? It looks really familiar...
Unknown said…
Never mind; I remember... Legend of Billie Jean, right?


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