Lil-E Cooking for Christ

Today was Evangeline's first official day as a Cooking for Christ volunteer. She has served lunch at the Dream Center with the Cooking for Christ team for a while now but she wanted to step her commitment up a notch. So, this morning I drove her to HPC at 8am so she could help with the cooking as well as the serving.

She already has a schedule with the events she will cook at. My favorite is the one on the 26th, when I have to get her up to the HPAC for 5:30am! Too early for me but I will gladly take her (or maybe Dean could take her :-) cuz' she wants to use her gift to serve and I love that.

See that Banana Bread on the table? She made that for all the volunteers. Who better to make bread for then the people who God uses to keep thousands fed?

Life is good.


Anonymous said…
I am so proud of our E. the lady in the background looks like me.
Love MOM
Anonymous said…
Way to go Evangeline! Even at your young age, you inspire me!

Lesley :-)

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