I heard someone say "these kids only know how to solve problems by fighting" referring to some of the after school girls who seemed to be daily getting into a fight. I informed the person speaking that growing up in a small country town, I myself got into many fights. As a white girl raised in a redneck town, I thought fighting was how you solved issues also. I was honestly shocked when I moved here to Baton Rouge and found out that many of my new friends had never been in a fist fight. To this day, no one messes with my sister, she is a legend in Okeechobee.

BUT and it's a big BUT, it's not a good representation of Christ, especially while wearing a SERVE shirt to get your fight face on.

DON'T ENGAGE. Walk away.

God help me not to answer the provocation with flared nostrils, teeth clenched and sharp words.

ONLY by the grace of God.


Anonymous said…
My favorite is Donna beating that girl in the intersection with the pantyhose showin. Classic. I've never been in a fight, for the record.

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