Evangeline got to meet Hannah Montana

And she took these really cool pictures at the concert. She's does pretty good with a camera.

E met her before the show and then they had to cut the show short because Miley was throwing up! But E had a great time. Thanks Brannan for taking her with you.


Rick said…
That probably means that Hannah got sick too - since they're often in close company with each other.

Anonymous said…
My girls are happy for E! They love Miley. Great pictures. It looks like it was fun. Where was Dean? Was he with E or in the background?
Anonymous said…
Holly Cow!! that is so cool that she got to meet Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus!
Anonymous said…
Cooool! I bet that was exciting.
Love y'all. Love GrandMa
Anonymous said…
That is so cool!!! Evangeline is the coolest girl... I am a leader at Pathfinders (I think I met you a few weeks ago). I can tell she truly cares for people and will be used by God is so many magnificent ways. When she comes to the altar to pray, its about things that are so much deeper than the average girl her age. She is awesome!


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