Elevate Retreat Weekend

We had a great Elevate retreat, great worship, great teaching and great fellowship.

My favorite part was the break out sessions. First I got to hear from the coolest couple at HPC, Jim and Ester Rentz. They have been married for 52 years!! They taught a session on Marriage and family and I wanted to squeeze them both the entire time.

Then there was the killer Q&A session.

This is Mike Davis, Michael Farris and Terry Olivier. They were the panel that answered the Big Questions. It was great. They Know A LOT!! I love hearing from smart, well learned people. I could have picked their brains for hours!

During free time, after spending two hours asking Mike Farris questions like "where did Cain's wife come from" in a fantastic Q&A, Summer and I went to the local coffee shop and bugged Eric and Fanny Doucet.

If you ever have the chance, get Eric or Fanny to tell you their "How I met Jesus" story. It's VERY cool!

"And that is a crazy lady".

No just kidding, it's a bunch of crazy ladies arriving at the final dinner of the night. How could they not be giddy about eating in a barn. Yes, we had our dinners in a barn, dirt under our feet, goats in pin's to the left and right and lots of hay.

All good fun, that's for sure.

Finally, Sunday morning back at HPC, (after a good nights sleep in my own bed, thank you Jesus!) , Evangeline and I matched!

Nothin' like rockin' the hot pink leopard print!

I wish you could see the ankle boots I had on...


HerstoryGirl said…
Thank God for knee pillows, and white noise machines, and my little girl snuggled under my chin. =)
Elevate Retreat was AWESOME, but it's so good to be home!!

Summer =)
Anonymous said…
The pink dress was too cute and I loved the ankle boots!!! You were rockin it girl!


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