Boyz in the Hood

My heart is full...

For now, I get to hang out with other peoples kids for a few hours a week...

Kids who need hope and a future...

Kids who Jesus died for.

We may not be adopting another baby right now...

But that's ok...

My heart is full.

Thank you Jesus for the Dream Center Kids.

The boyz baking Brownies.

This is Jason, I told Jason that this picture of him was going to be used to illustrate one of the rules of the After School Program "No saggy pants (say no to crack)".


HerstoryGirl said…
Carole, I am just in awe of you guys!
This is so awesome; thank you for sharing these pics.
So, is E doing a cooking class?? Someday, we will see her on the Food Network... you just watch and see!

Oh, and I'm ROFL @ "Say No to Crack."

Summer =)

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