The A21 Campaign

This is from Christine Caines organization, she talked about it last time she was here. I love that they are trying to do something about Human Trafficking.

"The A21 Campaign was birthed in our hearts while we were walking through the Macedonia airport in Greece. The walls were plastered with photos of women and children who were “missing”. We soon found out that these were alleged victims of human trafficking.

We were told a story of a 15 year-old girl who was trafficked from Albania to Italy and forced into prostitution. The traffickers brutally raped and beat her, and forced her to use drugs until she became addicted. At one point she was recovered by the Italian authorities, and returned to the Albanian authorities, only to be sold back to another set of traffickers.

There are millions of stories just like this one.

Although we were initially overwhelmed by the enormity of the issue, we knew we could not simply sit back and do nothing. We have to play our part in helping to eliminate this on-going tragedy. Hence the creation of The A21 Campaign which stands for abolishing injustice in the 21st century.

We are partnering with agencies and organizations to help rescue, rebuild, and restore the lives of these victims. Together, we have created a replicable model that provides rescued victims with legal representation, psychological and medical care, housing, and vocational training.

We ask you to partner with us to end this injustice."

Download PDF flyer HERE


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