Anonymous said...

Dean is my very best friend (with benefits) but my daughter is named after my best Girl friend, whom I never see anymore but miss, pray and think about a lot.

Karen is the reason we are friends, and Karen actually talks to me more then you..hint hint..


I still wear thous black cowboy boots and I can't listed to Living Color with out thinking about Houston.

agardana said...
Hey Ammye! Since I can't think of a personal question that I don't already pretty much know the answer to, I have to ask: Why haven't you called me?

Cuz' I so want to help but I am too busy right now to even think about doing anything else. BUT The cellulite cream is doing wonders for my thighs!!

Lesley said...
Hey Carole!My question is ... how do you juggle everything you do???? I'm amazed at it all!Lesley :-)

Honestly, I am loving everything I am doing right now. I know it seems like a lot but it really isn't too much, just enough and we get to do most of it as a family and that makes all the difference.

Shawn Wilson said...
Can you bring the Mulder and Scully dolls to class tonight? WOW I just realized how girlie that sounds. LOL

Enjoy the action figures Shawn.

Anonymous said...
have you ever fled a town late at night, leaving behind all that you knew, and gone to a place really far away to meet the man of your dreams?

Yes. I love him way more today then I did that night.

Eric Doucet said...
What's the worst rule in Elevate?

That we can't drink alcohol AT ALL or get a tattoo.

Trouble maker!

HerstoryGirl said...
How much wood, would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?Ok, then:Where would you go, right now, if you could go anywhere in the world (for fun, not work)? Who and/or what would you take with you?

A wood chuck would chuck a lot of wood.

I would go to the Bird and the Baby Pub in Oxford England and I would take the family, so they could watch me geek out over being in the pub where Tolkien and Lewis created Narnia and Middle Earth.

HerstoryGirl said...
OOh! I just thought of another one... ala The Time Machine:If you knew you were going to be trapped on a deserted island, which 3 books would you take with you?

The Bible, The Great Divorce and Lord of the Rings

Vicki Ohlerking said...
Why do you play Dwight Yoakam on your blog? (You won a little redemption when Dwight was followed by Etta James...)

WHAT?!! I love Dwight! He's Rockabilly through and through!

Why is the sky blue?
God made it

How do birds fly?
with their wings

Why do you like Dwight Yoakam?
See above

What are 101 uses for Lysol?
Lysol-kills lice when poured directly on the scalp, sure it also burns your head and you have to roll it in a sink full of ice water BUT the lice are dead...and some brain cells...explains a lot!

Why do you not like being outside?
I like to sit and look at the outside, I just don't like to participate in activities out there.

What's the funniest word in street lingo you've learned?

hum...well I haven't learned much but I now know that saying "no packin' heat" doesn't mean anything to them, they don't understand that outdated street lingo, it's now "no Iron".

What's your biggest dream?

Man, well I do sometimes dream of running for office and I do preach myself to sleep many nights but I think more then anything I dream of REALLY changing the world. I'm old, I realize now how much needs to be done in such a short time, I want to do it all. Everything God has for me from adopting more children, living in Africa, running an orphanage and fighting for the rights of the unwanted, unloved abandoned children of the world all while raising God fearing kids and loving the most wonderful man I know.

You are going to answer all of these, right?


HerstoryGirl said...
AMEN, Vicki!!Seriously?Dwight Yoakam???

What?!! Dwight is one of my favorites! You guys are missing out.


Vicki Ohlerking said…
only 1 use for lysol? you owe me another 100 ways...
Anonymous said…
You are my new hero!!!

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