Africa-August 2008

We have a date for our trip to Africa!!

We are going to Swaziland August 1st thru 10th!!

My 41st birthday is August 10th.

The really cool thing is Dean wanted to go with the Sports ministry, I wanted to go with Refuge or Elevate, well, they are all going together!! How cool is that!??

Now we just need to raise the $7,000.00 it cost for Dean and I to take this trip.

I have never done the fundraising thing before so this should be interesting but I know God will provide. He has worked this trip out so perfectly. I can't wait to see what He's gonna do.

Please pray about supporting our trip.

We are so excited!!


Anonymous said…
this is so great! i leave for ethiopia on friday for 8 days. i can't wait.

please, let us know how we can help with your trip.
Anonymous said…
WOW!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled for you and Dean!! Once again, its amazing to watch God at work! Let me know what I can do to help!


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