Alittle about A

He does not speak English, he speaks Tigrigna.

He has no last name.

He has no Birthday.

The government will issue him a birthday, we have no say on when it will be.

We will go to get A with a group of other parents that are adopting from Ethiopia. We will all travel together, stay at the same Hotel and get our children together. I think that will be a really cool experience.

They want to get all this done before the rainy season starts in Ethiopia (July), so if all goes well we will have him by June.

Dean asked Steele if he was glad he was getting a big brother, he said "yes and I want a sissy for my sister too".

I'm gonna paint Steele and A's room next week. Get everything ready for him. We already have bunk beds in there, LSU posters and stuff and a Spiderman light.

I wonder who will be his favorite super hero? Will he like cars or sports? I hope he likes books.

I have to do a photo album this week for them to take to him next month. They will show him his new family.

I hope he likes us the first time he sees our faces.

They said he is so sweet and gentle. The lady said she has prayed for him many times. They know that the older the boys get the less likely they are to be adopted.

No one wants to adopt black boys, especially older black boys, African black boys. That breaks my heart.

We are so glad God is letting us travel this road. It is an honor, a priviledge. We are not doing anything great, we are not trying to be nobel we are just trying to do Gods will for our lives, and HE is great!

The easy road only leads to death.


Anonymous said…
He has no Birthday.

The government will issue him a birthday, we have no say on when it will be.

For some reason, this part leaves me utterly speechless. I mean, I know that there are so many orphaned children in Africa that it boggles my mind. But for a human being to not have a birthday really break my heart. It's some unknown "they" think that his life is not even worthy of being noted. Thank GOD that you and Dean are giving this beautiful little boy a second chance at life. Now, another one of God's children ... a child that He loves the same way He loves you an I ... will have an amazing life with a family that loves him and truly wants him more than he will ever know. He will finally know what it is like to "matter" to other people. And, he will also come to know Christ ... which is more important than anything else. Praise God!! I will continue to pray for all of you daily. If you need help with anything, please please let me know ... it would be a privelege to help in any way!

Lesley :-)
Brandon said…
Do you have a picture?

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