Remember last summer when I wrote about A (we can't put his name on the web), the 11yr old boy in Ethiopia that I wanted to adopt? At the time Dean just didn't feel like we should adopt an 11 yr old boy. I let it go and looked forward to our missions trip to Swaziland Africa this summer.


a couple weeks ago I was praying, I kept hearing hia name everytime I prayed. At first I thought maybe God just wanted me to pray for him, I soon realized that was not it. Finally after a few days of prodding by the Holy Spirit I got online to see if he was still available. I found him immediately and guess what?

He isn't 11yrs old he is 7yrs old!! I don't know how I got that wrong but God wanted to make sure I knew the truth.

I called Dean, told him what had been going on with me, how I really felt God was wanting us to adopt A, and long story short, we are faxing in our first set of papers today.

I know it seems totally crazy. As I type it I can hear certain people that I know and love freaking out. It does seem impossible, all of it, from the missions trip to Swaziland Africa this summer to another trip to Ethiopia to get A and a life with a new child.

Dean and I have known for a while that something big was coming. God has been preparing Dean's heart for an older child for a few years now. The pain of not getting Bradshaw a year and a half ago really hit Dean hard. He is scared of giving his heart and it falling through again but he is willing.We just know we have to be obedient, regardless of the outcome, God is calling us to pursue the adoption of A so we are.

Thank God for some great friends that last Summer offered $6000.00 to help pay for an adoption from Africa. That will help so much. I still can't believe how God is working all this out, His plans are laid and it's exciting.

We know that some are reading this and thinking about our financial situation. How hard this last year has been for us just to get by. But I also know who God calls he equips, He will take care of us, I KNOW THAT. No, I can't see it, Yes I know we may have to move into a less expensive house and/or make other sacrifices but I am more then willing to do that for the sake of the call.

I am not trying to sensationalize this. Sometimes I fear, I know Dean does. I think about the unknown, the possibilities but I will not let fear stop me from doing what I know I am called to do. I trust and believe God will guide us.

I have to say, I am more excited then afraid. I can't wait to see what is going to happen, how this will all work out. I know God is in it.

So, I will keep the blog updated on the process and God willing we will soon be introducing you all to our new son, A.


Brandon said…
That's incredible - ya'll are definitely in my prayers.
Karen said…
I'm excited and can't wait to see how everything happens.
Anonymous said…
I am SO excited for y'all!! We stand in faith with you! HE will provide a way for you and Dean to fulfill His calling!

Lesley :-)
AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
The Poche's are praying with y'all!!!!!
Denise said…
you know your faith always inspires me to greater understanding of our Lord. i love that your fears only become launching pads for great works!
we are princess warriors for the kingdom! can't wait to see Abel!

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