The weekend in Pictures


Friday night, the Fam in the Van driving down town for the lighting of the tree festivites...

Us in front of the Coca Cola Santa truck...

Evangeline and Dean posing in front of the Hurricane Poster Project display at the old State Capital.


Saturday was a beautiful morning. Santa came by our house on a fire truck and our kids and the neighbors gave a Can good to a home for special needs children.(the van for the home followed Santa and collected the can's)


I leave for church @ 6:50am because as part of Elevate I have to be there for 7:00am. I think today was like 110% humidity. It was SO foggy out. I tried to walk really fast from my car to the building because my hair starts to look like a bumpy Brillo pad in that kind of humidity. I was wishing for some moisture guard hairspray...

THIS was in all the ladies bathrooms @ HPC today! Not only some "Friz Ease" hair spray but also lotion, a Tide Pen (love that thing), mints and some cool teeth thingys!

THEN we sang my favorite song "The Creed" or as I call it, "The Orphan Song" and we also got the amazing, wonderful news about how much money was given on Miracle Offering Weekend! I think we might actually see the day where we "fit" into a building, and are not squeezed in like Sausages. It seem like forever that we have been building that Arena, now I can almost see us being in there sooner then later. I'm excited.

I came home from church to Dean and Evangeline cooking Pork Chops, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans.

After that great meal I took the mother of all naps, woke up to home made Banana Bread that E made..

and I ate it while watching Elf.

good, good, good, no matter which way you slice it.


Joyce said…
MAN! You had one very "good" day, "good stuff" in the bathroom at church..awesome food when you got home....and a nap...then "Elf" and Bannana Bread.
That's what I'm talking about!
I am very sure that Dean is excited about the BCS game.

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