flashback-Nsync 2001

Yes, I painted that shirt, it's Tye-Dyed, and even worse, I wore that to see NSYNC in concert.

My friend Brad just had to try on the shirt I made for Donna Clyde (that's her with me in the top picture) that she wouldn't wear to the concert. I can't imagine WHY she didn't want to wear it to the concert??!!

I need therapy....

I will need a surgeon if Brad ever sees this picture on here :-)


Anonymous said…
i was gonna try to see what in the world possessed harv to put the shirt on - and even more a question why stand there obviously not concerned that someone was taking his picture in the shirt?!?!? wow.

and still... i miss that dude.
Anonymous said…
It takes a real man to get his picture taken in that shirt. Right on Brad! Carole's Mom.
Anonymous said…
This is absolutely CRAZYYYY!!!!

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