Elevate is over till January, I know I did better on the final that we took Tuesday night then the mid term, maybe because I took to heart what Mike Haman said and actually studied.

Summer got a Starbucks gift card for PERFECT scripture memorization for the semester! Crazy that we are friends huh? Go check out her blog

I think I have come very close but so far I have not been kicked out of Elevate...thanks for your prayers.


DO NOT go to JP's blog! He refuses to put a link to my blog in his side bar even though I have had him linked for a while AND I comment on just about every post he does.

Just kidding...not really :-)

Diggin' Huckabee more and more everyday, I hope he is the Republican nominee. BUT if he is not the nominee and if Giuliani is, I would vote for Obama over Giuliani. ________________________________________________________

How sad is it that pastors have to have security but even sadder that they also have to Carry a gun? Pray pray pray for all our pastors. And pray for YWAM and New Life Church.

Blog on!


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