God is GOD

I don't like that worship song that says "I've made you too small in my eyes". I didn't make God, so I can't "make" Him anything even in my own eyes. I understand the sentiment of that statement, They mean they didn't trust, hope, believe or love as much as God IS so they didn't believe like they should but I still think it is bad theology.

To me, when we say that,we play into the secular thought that WE created God or worship a God of our own design. We do not. We may have a wrong view of him or reflect Him incorrectly in our fallen, human state but He is everything, He is the largest, most loving, strongest, most powerful. If we point people and our own thoughts towards THAT then we are truly seeing and walking in Him.

Our perception of God does not change Him, it only changes how we walk this life, how we trust, hope and Love. He is all these things, and it will take a life time to be completed in Him but His fullness is always there to guide us and motivate us.

When we say "My God" that bothers me too. It seems to conjure up an image of their being a different God for each person. God is GOD, period. He is not mine, or yours solely, He is Omnipotent so He is every one's God.

Some chose not to accept the road to Him, which is through the belief in Jesus Christ who was God in the flesh, His birth, life, death and Resurrection, Thous who do not believe in what Jesus did on the cross will be cut off from spending eternity with God but He is still their God because He is the God of EVERYTHING.

I guess I just don't want to ever think I am somehow in control of God. Faith is such a strange, wonderful thing. It moves us but if we don't grasp the Massiveness of God, we can never be completely free in Him.

I think about the intensity of love I feel sometimes towards my husband, family, children. The heartbreak I feel for Orphans and hurting unwanted children. I think about the anger, the sadness, the grief and then I know they are just a taste of what God feels toward all humanity. When we say how great His love is, do we really even have a hint of what that means? I know I do not love as I should, the more I feel His love for me, the more I see I need to love. Grace, what and amazing, freeing state of being. How far I am from walking in the fullness of forgiveness, grace and mercy.

I never want to doubt His complete sovereignty. I want to trust. I want to be changed, ALWAYS be changed. Gosh, life is short. So many people to reach with this love God has given us. So much love that has not been shown. We fight for what is right but forget what is just, what is merciful, what is forgiveness. How much more would the world see the great wonderful God that longs to love them if we only pointed them to Him in word and deed.


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