GI saves Iraqi boy in long-shot adoption

I am glad I woke up and checked my E-mail cuz' it took me to this amazing story.

Read it and be inspired but be ready to cry.

Thanks Cajun Tiger for making me cry first thing Christmas Morning and thanks for knowing I would love this one!

Here is just a taste...

Not everything is perfect. Ala'a never encountered thunderstorms in Baghdad, and the flash-boom reminds him of bombs. He is starting to get over it, although he still weeps during violent storms.

But Ala'a — who picked out his own name, which means to be near God — knows he's where he belongs. Southworth always says Ala'a picked him, not the other way around. They were brought together, Southworth believes, by a "web of miracles."

Ala'a likes to sing Sarah McLachlan's song, "Ordinary Miracle," from "Charlotte's Web," one of his favorite movies. His head and body lean to one side as he sings off-key.

"It's just another ordinary miracle today. Life is like a gift they say. Wrapped up for you everyday."

Go to GI saves Iragi boy in long-shot adoption to read the rest of the article.


Cajun Tiger said…
Ever since getting back after my Christmas break, I've had NO time to read other blogs to keep up. I finally had some free time, so I'm catching up and just saw this shout out...definitely a very powerful story! glad you like it =)

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