We hit the ground running..

Jump start was INSANE today. Friday is Ladies Thrive at the Dream Center,a lot of the ladies bring their kids to Jump Start while they attend the meeting, that is why I help on Friday because the group of kids is larger.School is out for Christmas, and there was a party for the Ladies Thrive women, so we had 40 kids there! Most were too old to be at Jump Start, but we still had to watch them while their moms got blessed with robes, gifts and they heard AND saw the love of Jesus.

I say "we" had to watch them but really it is Susan and Margaret. These two ladies love on these kids and are totally Jesus to them. They are so amazing. Evangeline and I just help for a couple hours on Fridays.

Anyway after that I hit two stores for Christmas gifts, Steele was being bad and traffic was horrible. We went back to the Dream Center, helped with the After school program, cAme home, got a shower, got the kids to the baby sitter (Nadia Kelly-she's awesome) and headed to the Midnight Outreach.

We get to the Annex, Charity, Donna and Aliece lay hands on Dean and I and pray for us before we head out (because we have committed to leading a team for outreach in the future) and through that prayer time both Aliece and Donna had some truly God given words for us. I wish I could remember it all but basically Aliece said to hang on, what we have been praying for is kicking in, but there would be sacrifice, this is not the easy road. She saw a busy fast moving highway and then off to the side a small, one lane road, we are driving on that road in a SUV type thing that we can see out of, like a Jeep with the doors off. There are huge concrete ditches on either side of this road. She saw us going down that road and going down into these huge ditches in our SUV, going down there to get the people that no one wants to touch. The people off even the small road. This is a hard road and we would come against opposition but we had to stay focused on what God is calling us to do. Know what to commit our time too, be sure of the doors to enter.

I think that was everything from Aliece. I am hoping Summer and Liz will tell me if I forgot something.

Donna's word was great too. She just basically said that she saw a tent and an umbrella. The tent symbolized mobility, we had to be willing to be mobile and the umbrella was covering, we had to stay under the spiritual cover God has placed us under.

After that really cool prayer time we headed out for the outreach. We handed out roses and gift bags at Benny's on Gus Young, Hooters on Seigen and Coporate, gas stations in the hood, and the Alamo Motel. (Charity, Donna and Aliece had gone at 3pm and decorated the strippers dressing rooms at Kittens and Escapades) Dean prayed with some guys that were sitting in their front yard by a fire and he passed out mints and chocolates to many a shady character. As Summer and Liz said, he is a natural at this. I actually teared up watching him in action.

Dean is now the driver for Midnight! It was great having him be "the man". We actually need more men with us for these outreaches. He drove the shuttle, he doesn't go into the strip clubs, the guys come to be the muscle, to talk to pimps, bouncers, drunk homeless men, whatever and Dean is great at all that!

Thank you HPC for supporting and believing in these outreaches.Thank you Dream Team (Charity, Donna, Aliece, Craig, Adam) for making these things happen and mostly thank you Jesus for another great day.


HerstoryGirl said…
Pastor Alliece's word for you was right on point. I could see, clearly, the giant culverts full of unwanted, unloved people and you and Dean going down to get them...
I truly believe that God is going to bless your marriage and your family because of your faithfulness and commitment to carry out HIS will.
The fact that you and Dean are unified in His will makes you a powerful threat to the enemy. I couldn't help but laugh at all the *obvious* interruptions during the prayers of anointing last night (cell phones ringing, me bumping a noisy toy and setting it off, spilling a drink...). The devil is SO TRANSPARENT sometimes!
To me, this just confirms the anointing you both have on your lives and I feel so blessed to be friends with you guys. I'm so excited for you!
Much, much love,

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