Dream Center After School Program

The after school program at the BRDC-Winbourne is in it's second week, last night there were 20 kids there. By January we will have a really set routine. So far we bake cookies from scratch, get dance lessons from Angela Musso, play basketball, pool and video games. BUT soon we will be doing Art, tutoring, hair styling, mentoring and lots more. Dean, Evangeline, Steele and I go on Monday and Friday afternoons to help.

Meet Nicholas and Gerald, two of the kids that come to the after school program at Winbourne.

This is Lorri, the queen of tutoring, helping Nicholas and his sister Aleiah with their homework. Both of these kids make good grades and have big dreams..

...and their brother Gerald has a 3.8 and didn't have any homework so he just played pool with John Austin.

Can I talk about Lorri for a minute? She is just amazing! Lorri and Craig Boutte interviewed each child to find out their tutoring needs, their dreams and their goals. These kids have wonderful dreams; doctors, architects, artist, athletes. After they completed the interviews, Craig just went on and on about how impressed he was by Lorri, she was made for tutoring! She is so in the zone doing this with these kids and I was glad Craig got to see and appreciate what an amazing person Lorri is and what a gift to this ministry she is. All her, I, Dean and Pat talk about is the Dream Center and these kids, our hearts are there.

more pictures from the afternoon..

Some of the girls played basketball, and most of the guys did...

Hannah and Israel played tether ball...

and ofcourse all the girls were more then happy to stop and strike a pose!!

"Jesus is here and anything can happen!"


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