Christmas Eve pics

This is Steele in a dressing room at the Gap, today, around 1pm. Yes, He has vehicles on his feet. They are his new slippers that he insisted on wearing to the mall.

After that we headed to church for the Christmas Eve services. I am in this picture, you just can't see me cuz' I am behind Delynn but we sang at both the 3pm and the 5pm services. Both were super packed and well worth getting out in the cold for.

I got Dean to pose by the wreath with me cuz' he had on his nice velvet Jacket. He NEVER wears a jacket, so this was picture worthy.

We also brought six of our Winbourne Area kids to the service tonight.
From front to back: Fabian, Trey, Tiffany, Fredrick, Kenneth and DJ.

That's Steele in his slippers again. He's with his Sweetheart Rasha. This was taken after church, yes, he wore the slippers to church with his new green Christmas shirt and Khakis!

After church we went to Chili's with the Kelly's (hey that rhymes!) This is E and I showing off our teeth whitening. Yea, I know they still look kinda yellow but they are way better then they were. We are only 4 days into the whitening so we are gonna have Ross from Friends white teeth (joke only to be gotten by anyone who watched Friends) by the time the two weeks is up.

And finally, this is Pimp Daddy Steele in Sissy's new hat.

Merry Christmas!


Celebrate Christmas once a year,
Keep the Spirit all year long.

I love the passion you exhibit in your blog... this is what I have to say about it:


Accentuates all


Success stories


Of category or person,

Now, in the past or the future

Jim Haworth
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