This last year....

Dean got even hotter.

Evangeline and Steele grew taller, sweeter and cuter.

ONLY by the grace of God (and the help of Robyn Holyfield) did we sell our house before we lost it to forclosure..the sale closed at 6pm ON August 10th, my 40th Birthday!

As a family we started serving at the Baton Rouge Dream Center and God changed us all.

We fell deeper in love with the inner city and more determined then ever to go to Africa.

We also participated in Servolution, WOW Jam, Some midnight outreaches, and E and I slept outside in card board boxes as part of Displace me.

I got more involved with Children's Cup, my favorite International Relief Organization.

Dean, Evangeline and I Helped at Live the Dream, HPC's first ever Women's Conference.

And Dean went on his first missions trip ever to Canada.

Dean got a promotion at work.

I stopped working outside the home.

I started home schooling Evangeline.

AND I got my Uterus removed.

An article I wrote was featured on another site, Wrecked for the Ordinary.

and I had a record 116 hits to my blog in one day ( I average 76 hits a day now).

I started Elevate, an intern program at HPC.

I learned some nasty painful things about myself, I struggle with being teachable, and with pride and stubborness. God help me.

I saw John Mayer in concert,

Was informed by my daughter that I couldn't dance.

And I discovered the wonderful world of I-Tunes and the Pod-cast.

As a group the book club ladies participated in several outreaches and we had many great meetings.

I myself read over 20 books.

I watched Lord of the Rings at least 12 times.

My heart broke and is still grieving the death of my dear friend, George, I miss and think about him almost daily.

We started praying nightly as a family and we all are the better for it.

I spent more time praying, reading and studying Gods word this last year then ever before.

Life got harder financially and better and more real spiritually-we are more prosperous then ever.

I didn't get any skinnier but I didn't get any fatter either-praise the Lord!


Anonymous said…
I can't imagine what 2008 has stored up for you and your family!!!!

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