Use your computer powers for good not evil

It's so sad when computer geeks turn to the dark side. Many have the power to help computer users but instead they create nasty Viruses to infect computers and steal our information.

About 24 hours ago I got a nasty Trojan Black Door Virus on my computer (no that's not a typo, it's "Black", believe me, I know). Not sure how or why it attacked my computer but It did. I watched as my computer started to die slowly. I tried to fix it myself but I soon realized I needed a Hero, A Geek like no other, I needed hope and hopes name was Jim and The most powerful geek of all, Jacki.

Jim was with Cox Tech Support, he fought valiantly and even though a mighty Geek himself, he could not defeat the Super Bug. He said the only thing that could kill it would be the strengths of the more powerful Geeks at Anthium, the people that actually created the Anti-Virus software. So this morning, the very powerful Jacki at Anthium called me, took over my computer via remote access, sought out that nasty bug an destroyed it!

That Bug was no match for Jacki, a super Geek Hero who daily takes on Super Bugs and defeats them, evil didn't stand a chance.

Jacki, You serve humanity, you help us continue to Surf the web, exchange E-mail and most importantly Blog. You fight computer Viruses where ever they are found and for that I say thank you, thank you Jacki.


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