Things I learned last night

Ben Rodgers spoke to Elevate Students interested in Missions. I don't feel called to the mission field but I do feel called to Orphans.

These are some of my notes..

Prep time is not wasted time.

God has to break us,

we don't get to do it in our time, it will be done in his time.


If you have a burden for missions but are not called to missions then you will be a burden on the mission field. People with a burden need to support the people called to be missionaries to that area.

In war most casualties come in the first battle. D-Day, the ones who had never seen dead bodies, killing had a hard time engaging the enemy and not being killed BUT the soldiers who had fought before knew how to push through all that and survive to win.

Same with Spiritual war fare, we can learn everything about how to do it but actually having to fight is what seasons us and helps us to fight another day,a greater enemy, a stronger force that wants to kill us.

Give up what you want from God just seek Him, be obedient, listen to Him.

A year on the mission field will change you but it's not long enough to really get to that place where God is really using you like He wants. It takes a year just to break us and get us ready for what God wants for us.

While he was speaking and afterward I really felt like God was saying we were not going to be missionaries to Africa. We would continue to be a voice for that cause, even more so in the future and that our trip next summer would serve to reinforce the call to be a voice for Orphaned, abused, abandoned children everywhere.

Please support Children's Cup. They are serving the least of these. They are helping Orphaned, Abused and abandoned Children.


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