Thanksgiving 2007

Today we got to serve Thanksgiving diner to approximately 300 people from the inner city of Baton Rouge at our new location, Winbourne Baptist Church.

It was an awesome dinning experience. Our guest were seated by a hostess, given a menu, and served by a waiter/waitress, just like it was a restaurant. We had Turkey, dressing, some killer Apple Crisp, sweet tea, green beans and of course some sweet potatoes.

The food was wonderful as to be expected from the amazing Cooking For Christ servants but more then great food, we formed some great relationships. When someone was sat at a table, the hostess stayed with them and visited. When the people were waiting outside we were talking to them, getting to know them.

Thank you HPC for doing this. It blessed my family more then you could ever know.

Here are some pics and thoughts from the evening...

Some of our dinner guest waiting to go in and be served an amazing Thanksgiving dinner.

Corsha. Her and her brother Terry are fun. I was glad to see them again and of course, I talked up the after school program to her. She's gonna come Cuz' I'm gonna go pick her and her brother up!

Steele, me, Corsha and a few other guest sat at Roz Packs table. If you don't know Roz you are missing out, her and her family are a bright light at HPC. If you do know Roz then you know how great it was to be at the table she hosted.

#44 and #33 of the LSU Tigers came by to sign some autographs.

Caroline Bouttee and Evangeline dressed to serve..

Tyler Tullos playing football with some of the kids. Can I say again how glad I am that he is Evangeline's pastor in Pathfinders right now? He is awesome!

Some of our dinner guest chatting with Rob, Carlie and many more Servers before the restaurant opens.

Brianna and Brailynn, two Angels I met tonight. Sweet Sweet girls. They live at the Alamo right now and used to live at Winbourne when it had a shelter. There mom is so sweet and seemed to really want things to be different. Shoot, I have come very close to being homeless a few times in my life. I just immediately felt a connection with these girls. We plan to get them to the after school program and some church services. Pray for Jeanne, Antonio and these beautiful girls.

Me and my friend Margaret. We greeted the guest as they arrived and hung out in the Court yard talking to the guest.


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