Hillsong United Concert

Summer, Me and Susan

I took this picture in the midst of a sea of youth waiting outside the doors of the Hillsong United Concert. While waiting to get in we talked to some girls that are from North Carolina and Alabama who are in Bethany's version of Elevate. They were very young and told of a harrowing boot camp experience they had at their Intern Orientation retreat that involved heavy logs and ant bits that left scars. Needless to say I was very thankful for the HPC Elevate retreat where we played a word scrabble.

Dean worked the door and had to tell people they couldn't come in so he was not the most liked guy at Bethany South last night. BUT the people that sat outside got to watch the concert on a huge screen, got free hot chocolate, snacks and coffee AND the weather was perfect, so they didn't have it so bad. Dean said they let in 2500 and there were 800 people sitting outside.

The concert was great. I would have liked for Reuben Morgan to have sang more but it was still great.


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