My Redneck Mispronunciations

One day I was telling a group of my friends about an article I had read in Christianity Today Magazine.

I said: "I read the coolest article the other day about Hyper-bowls in the bible. I had never even heard of that word before."

Anne looked at me and said "do you mean Hyperbole?" (pronounce it like hi-per-bow-lee)

I was in a department store with my friend Ammye. We were looking at Perfume.

I said: "I sure love that Ball-a- ver-say-lees perfume."

She said do you mean "Bal of Versailles?" (pronounced correctly like ball-of-ver-si)

When I was 19yrs old I was playing Trivia Pursuit with a group of friends. A friend pulled the card with my question on it and rolled his eyes in disgust at how easy it was. He very coyly asked the question,

"How many degrees are in a right angle?" (Sighs in the room at not believing I would get such an easy question)

I said: "What is a right angle?" (seriously, I had no idea)

This prompted lots of laughter and one friend to say "you can tell who didn't graduate high school".

Well fast forward to the other night, I was at my friend Summer's house, telling her that story and I followed it with "I always get stumped with Algebra questions."

Summer said "actually that's Geometry".

This is me...welcome and enjoy.


HerstoryGirl said…
Girl, you know I love you and you can call it CHEMISTRY if you want; it's fine by me!

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