Meet the Beez

Bee-hind, Bee Fine, J- Beez, Bee Cool and Bee Ware

Bee-hind: Tyler Tullos. Married to Chrystal and they have a cute baby boy named Whittaker. Leader of Pathfinders Junior High Ministry at HPC. (Yes, he's the very beloved Pastor of my Evangeline right now.)

Bee-fine: Lets just say he looks like a model, hence the name. And he is the best dancer of the Bee hive (other then JP of course) . That's all I know about him.

J-Beez: JP Brumfield. Serve pastor at HPC, leader of E's small group at Pathfinders, leader at Refuge and our ride to Displace Me last summer.
Mid twenties.

Bee-Cool: Dustin Allice. Leader at Pathfinders,football player and great guy.
Not even 20 yrs old yet.

Bee-ware: Steve Ware. Him and his wife Gayla are employed at HPC, both super nice, godly people.


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