A George Story

A couple months before George died some childhood friends came to see him. They were his "getting into trouble" buddies. Not all of them were Christians but they knew they needed to come see George and they needed to pray for him.

Well, one of the friends had had Gastric bypass surgery six month earlier. He had weighed about 450lbs before the surgery and was in really bad health even after the surgery. He had been bleeding since the surgery and the doctors couldn't figure out why. He also had an open wound, the size of a silver dollar that was in bad shape. But, he knew he wanted to go pray for his friend. This guy had to get a release from his doctor in order to make the ride from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. The doctor didn't want to let him go but this guy told her that he had to go see his friend George because he was dieing of Cancer and so she let him go.

They all had a great visit with George, laughing and talking about old times and at the end they had a prayer time. They all laid hands on George and prayed for his healing. George believed right along with them.

The next day this friend of George's went to his doctor again so they could check his wound and the bleeding after making that ride and you know what they found? NO bleeding and the wound had shrunk to the size of a pea!! Bleeding that had not stopped in months was now stopped and a wound that was a constant source of concern was almost completely gone!

Robin told me that story the night before George's funeral. That friend was at the funeral and he tried to tell the story himself but he was just too emotional. You could see in him someone who had been forever changed by the healing power of Jesus. He looked at the coffin of a friend that so wanted to be healed but more then anything wanted Gods glory in all situations.

That night when they had prayed for George to be healed, instead his friend received that healing and I think it was because long before that night George had prayed for the salvation of those friends. More then anything George wanted them to know Jesus, which they did, and he wanted to see them in heaven one day. From what I understand that friends walk with God wasn't going so good around that time but now, God showed him a miracle, and a friend who served Jesus till his last breath, what an amazing thing.

I think about George just about every day. If I see a garden, eat a bell pepper or a tomato, talk politics or hear a fart joke. I sure miss just knowing he is alive and in Central. But wow, knowing he's in the most amazing place of all, the place that defines amazing, that is comforting.


Anonymous said…
God is so awesome!! what a wonderful story Carole, thanks for sharing. I didn't know George personally, had never met him at all. But thru you and his blog, I really felt like I knew a little about him. He truly showed me what it means to walk in faith no matter the circumstances.
Anonymous said…
I think we will be seeing the effect that George's journey had on a lot of people as time goes by.
I bet George is rejoicing in heaven right now to see how his life effected his friends, family and people he didn't even know thru his blog. I will never forget George even though I didn't know him well, I got to know him better thru his blog. I miss his voice.
I love you guys. Love MOM.
Wade Hinton said…
To God be the Glory!! What a beautiful story.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing that story. So many times even weeks before George died I would hear him on the phone with different friends encouraging them to trust God. Listening to their stories and troubles while he was living in his own. But that is where victory is. In looking beyond your own circumstances to the needs of others. George taught me that in a big way. He loved people especially hurting people. I miss him and at the craziest times I feel that sense of loss. But God is so faithful to put things in my life like your blog post and let me know that George lives on and the ripple of his life will affect many for a long time. I love you let's get together soon.


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