12 year old shoes

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I bought these shoes at Maison Blanche, yes, you locals may remember that store. Dean worked there when we first came back to Baton Rouge a year after we got married. We had a Maison Blanche card (which is never a good thing for me) so I bought these shoes for $25.00 and I have worn them every Winter since.

Talk about comfortable, these shoes define comfort. They are leather and have like this cushion inside them. And look at that sole, that's rubber my friend and a rubber sole is a comfortable sole.

Last winter I stuck my foot in a killer mud slick outside of Pathfinders. They were covered in mud. I JUST cleaned the mud off of them last night before Elevate. Today, thanks to a little Saddle Soap, they are back to their fine-almost-new-looking- form.

I mean look at them. How totally bohemian and groovy are they with my frayed Jeans? No, I don't hike but if I did, these would be the shoes to do it in.

What do you have that is way old that you still proudly wear?


Anonymous said…
Carole, Those are the shoes to wear when you come to North Carolina. Love MOM
Anonymous said…
Aggh I love these shoes! One of these days you are going to have to retire them and give them a new owner!!!!

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