Who am I? (part 2)

Random things about my life

I like red fingernails when they are long, pink or white when short.

I love the tanning bed but I don't dig the burnt toast look.

I think Curel lotion is a gift from God.

I don't like to bathe BUT I do it and really do not understand why some women enjoy them, to me they are a time stealing necessity only.

I love Mary Kay lip gloss.

For the last two months I have not used anything but warm water to wash my face with AND I have not had ONE pimple!! My face has never looked better. (thanks Summer for the experiment)

I think my husband has the sexiest phone voice in the world!

I KNOW my kids are the cutest and most wonderful kids in the world.

I really love skinny fit jeans with heals.

If I could do anything in the world I would open an orphanage and write a book.


Anonymous said…
Here in K-Town, we call the "burnt toast" look a dirty tan. Not good.
Joyce said…
Write the book.....read in the tub...that way you can relax and feel productive. Do the Orpahnage thing if you can....that's a great thing.
HerstoryGirl said…
I would just like to CLARIFY that the "experiment" failed miserably with me and I will NEVER go to bed without washing my face THOROUGHLY again!

Oh, and I'm REALLY glad you bathe in spite of your distaste of bathing. Hee heee....!
I think we must be related
(inside jokes regarding our kids).

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