Who am I ? (part 1)


I call myself a Presbi-bapti-costal-ic for a reason. I am not hyper spiritual. I like preachers that talk not scream, and I like wine and the teachings of CS Lewis (hence the Presbi part of the name), I am 95% confident on the Once Saved Always Saved theology (there's the Bapti part) I do believe SOME believers will speak in tongues as a gift from the Holy Spirit but others get different gifts (Colstal's are serious tongues people) and yet I do love Mother Teresa, JRR Tolkien and enjoy the written prayers (ic's have some of the best ones).

So I am a bundle of contradictions and complimentary tension points of beliefs.

I try to study to show myself approved. I believe that history has shown us over and over again that we get it wrong all the time. We use Scripture to justify mistreating God's children (slavery, the Crusades, witch Hunts, etc...) but then later realize scripture condemns such actions. So I need to ALWAYS study scriptures, study books by great followers of Christ and pray for guidance, serve God and then also serve my neighbor. I also need to not use His words as a sword against others but as a sword against the enemy of all, the devil.

I pray I stay focused on Jesus, doing His will and stay away from Pride, greed and selfish ambition.

I am a far cry from perfect but I serve one who is perfect so it's gonna be alright.


Anonymous said…
That was good. I didn't realize you were a believer in the baptist part. Learned something new.

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