Out of Africa

Dean and I had our first "Africa" meeting the other night with Dan and Vicki Ohlerking. Right now it's looking like it will be next Summer before we get to go. We could go before then if Dean and I went by ourselves but Dean really wants to go with a group. The Sports Ministry may go or Refuge, the youth ministry. Right now both trips are a maybe but we should know soon if one or both are or are not going to happen.

Ideally Dean would like to go with the sports ministry and do a sports camp (if you remember from a past post, Dean actually had a dream that he was in Africa doing a sports camp. Before that he had never wanted to go to Africa). That would work for me too because Vicki said I could help at the Care Points and/or in an Orphanage with the Children while he was doing the sports camp.

If we went with Refuge we would be helping the young leaders at the Mozambique Care Points, doing like a camp for them. So either one would be good.

I can't wait to get a chance to really hear all about Africa from Susan Rogers. Ben and Susan Rogers run Children's Cup on the ground in Swaziland Africa. They are here in the states for a few months. I plan on having Susan come to the Book Club so we can just pick her brain and listen to stories. They have spent the last several years working the Care Points and serving children that are being raped, children that have lost one or both parents to AIDS, children that would not receive medical care and education or the word of God if not for the Children's Cup Care Points. I love what they do.

Susan came by the booth yesterday after one of the Conference sessions and she was telling me thank you for helping but I was just overwhelmed with how much I appreciate being able to help them! I love even the very small part we get to play here in America. I am so grateful that I can help, that I can do even a little to help the unwanted, abandoned, the abused, the orphaned Children of Africa. I may never meet them, I may never live in Africa, I may always be over here in America trying to make people aware of the needs of Orphans everywhere but that is ok, it's actually more then ok, it's great because I know I am doing what God wants me to do. I know that every lady that bought a shirt today actually did help and Orphan and that is just the coolest thing ever!

One last thing, Vicki Ohlerking, Tyrone Van Rensburg (AKA Mr. Fine), his girl friend and Vince (I have no idea how to even say his last name) are heading to Africa Monday to start taping footage for the documentary, My Life. This project is going to be so incredible. To hear the stories, real life stories, of these people, will be so amazing and I hope it motivates people to do more to help. So please pray for this team.


Anonymous said…
Yay for Cup, yay for you and Dean and yay for the Rodgers!!! And a huge knee bow to the Big Guy for giving us this incredible and honorable job of helping the people of this world!
Vicki Ohlerking said…
You, Dean and your kids are incredible! Thanks for all the help at the conference and thanks for the prayers for our trip. Dan and I are so blessed to have y'all as friends and it's an extra to have you have the same passion we have! Love y'all.

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