Live the Dream Pics

Lots of ladies greeting every lady that arrived with smiles and information. This is right outside the registration tent and on the stage was a very smooth jazz band.

As we were all walking in there were 20 -30 people (mostly guys) on the side of the line cheering. It was pretty funny because at one point I had to walk back out and come back in and I was all alone, walking the pink carpet and I got the same over the top excitement.. which was a little weird :-)

This is Chris and Jordan, they were some of the cheerers.

Vicki selling Children's Cup shirts...

And Dean and Steele where working the booth too.

This is me talking to two lovely ladies from the Danville California HPC Campus. That's the part I love about working the booth, I got to talk to a few ladies about what Children's Cup does. The Christmas Cards, the Back Packs and all about the Care Points.

Look at my Evangeline! She was selling Holly Wagner's merchandise (she had some really cool shirts!) and Evangeline even received a $5.00 tip from Leslie Seibling for being so helpful in the selling of the products!

This is Dean being a little "eye Candy" for the ladies, he is workin' that Children's Cup shirt that's for sure!

So, all these pics are from before and after, I didn't take any from inside but it was such and incredible service. Holly Wagner is funny and really delivered a great message about staying on purpose, being glad for our gifts, not trying to walk in the gifts others have but fulfilling our purpose in life.

I am not doing it justice so if you can get the cd of it you should cuz' it was fantastic.

More updates later...


Anonymous said…
Carole YOU ROCK my friend!!!!

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