The Live the Dream Conference starts tonight...

During our time together, God has put it in my heart to not forget some women who aren’t yet able to dream. These ladies are from Nkobe, a very poor community in the African country of Mozambique.

Many of these precious ladies are alone - trying to feed their families, raise their children, and support themselves in some way. Some have been abused. Some have been abandoned. Some have been widowed by AIDS.

Our goal during this conference is to raise the money to build a women’s center-a healing place-where the expression of Christ’s love will bring hope to thousands. This center will be an extension of the ministry that is going on at the Healing Place campus that was recently opened in Nkobe. These women will be taught practical skills, such as sewing, tie-dye, and cooking so that they can earn money to support their families. Their spiritual needs will also be met through women’s ministry, Bible studies, and counseling. They will be empowered to make a difference for themselves, their families, and the people of their community. They will be the ones to influence and inspire generations to come by living their dreams!

At the conference, you will be given the chance to get involved. Pray about it and ask God what He would have you do to help. We have been blessed to be a blessing. When we’re generous with what God has given us, there is no limit to what can be accomplished for the Kingdom!

If you are going to the conference come by and see me at the Mozambique table, I will be selling the NEW Children's Cup shirts!


Anonymous said…

I'm SO disappointed that I'm not able to make it to the conference, but I am there in prayer! Please, please, please keep your blog updated about it! Is there any way I can buy a NEW Children's Cup shirt, even though I couldn't go to the conference?

Lesley :-)

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