I feel like a horse kicked me in the gut

Yea, that pretty much describes what my gut feels like. I am currently taking advantage of the brief reprise that I get from the pain when I take my two Tylenol w/ Codeine.

Dean had to take Evangeline to the doctor this afternoon. She had been throwing up since this morning and had a bad headache so the doctor gave her a shot for the nausea. With diabetes, getting dehydrated can be very dangerous so we have to really stay on top of it. I was stressing about her and that made me do more then I should have so I really gotta take it easy tomorrow.


I watched some Lord of the Rings today, which is always great but I really don't know how people watch TV all the time. TV is so stupid!! Except for GAC and CMT, which show great country music videos, the rest of it is just so predictable and all the same. You got 50 decorating shows, 50 crime shows, 50 trash shows and 50 new channels. You and I both know they have to invent news to take up that many news channels. It's crazy.

What does it say about me that the only thing I find worth watching on TV is Country music videos?

Can you tell I'm on drugs?

Analysis please....


Anonymous said…
I want some of your drugs.
Anonymous said…
Hey baby, I hope you feel better.
What's up with E? What did the doctor say? I love you, MOM
Anonymous said…
Yikes... poor Evangeline and poor YOU!! There's nothing worse than being out of commission when your child is sick. How is she doing? You need to TRY to take it easy though... easier said than done, I know. As far as the TV thing, I'm pretty much with ya. I watch the Food Network a good bit ... although some of the shows will bore you to tears! And, the Discovery Channel is pretty good too. Hope you and Evangeline get to feeling better soon. Sounds like Dean is on top of things... y'all are blessed to have him! Hubbys and daddys like him ((and mine :-) ))are hard to come by these days. You are ALL in my prayers! Take care!

Lesley :-)
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry! I hope you & E have a better day. Love, Anne
Anonymous said…
Carole Sue,
I hope y'all are feeling better now! Im glad you finally had your surgery. Y'all are in my

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