Grace works in reverse TOO!!

I was reading over at Donna Franks Blog about the mental attack she received during the Live the Dream Conference and it was so weird because I had a very similar experience. I was sitting and listening to Christine Cain, I was feeling SO encouraged to live the call of God on my life, just riding high on the mountain of Love when I heard in my head "she's only 40? Yea, you would be up there but of course you wasted all those years backslidden and in rebellion. You are just too old now to catch up." I immediately told the Devil to Shut up in Jesus name and I told my flesh likewise! God uses ALL THINGS for the good of those that love Him (Romans 8:28), not just the time I used wisely but the time I used unwisely. Grace works in reverse too. I met and married Dean during that time and I know God has and is using both of us, together. I know God can and does redeem that time.

So, to any of you that may be thinking the same thing, STOP! Be encouraged and keep on keepin' on!! We are not too old! We are young and cool and we can ROCK THE FACE OFF any of these young whipper snappers In Jesus name!!

Rock on!!


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