God is cool!

I got a call this morning from a good friend who is a huge adoption advocate. Her family felt God wanted them to give Dean and I $6,000.00 towards an African adoption! Isn't that so crazy? I love that God does crazy stuff like that.

I know that there is a specific child out there that this money is meant for. I can't wait to meet that child.

These people ask that I not tell anyone who they are or tell them thank you so please don't ask me their names. But I know God is going to bless them. They do stuff like this all the time, and God blesses them for it. I am humbled by their heart to serve and help the least of these and I learn from their example.

Thank you Jesus for people like them, and many of you, who live so sacrificially to help others. You are so amazing. You are the hands and feet of Jesus.


Anonymous said…
That is so awesome Carole!! God is blessing your faithfulness! praying for a quick recovery
Joyce said…
So are you going to adopt a child or do a sponsership type thing??? That is very neat to be blessed in that way. Keep up the good work...that is the WORK we are to be doing...."Widows and Orpahns."

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