Did I say something crazy?

This is me speaking to the 4th -6th grade girls soccer teams for our closing ceremonies last Saturday (they let me come and do the talk and I got to sit instead of stand, Boy Shaun, Kerry and Hope are so nice.) I didn't know how well I did but I really don't remember saying anything off the wall, guess I did though cuz look at the faces of the people listening to me.....

Lady in Pink top: what? No, aliens are not landing in a few minutes!

Kid on front row: wow! I can't believe it but I think she has poop on her shoe!

Evangeline: My mom is on drugs!

Guy with blue jacket and glasses: I wonder if she knows there is a snake crawling up her chair?

Lady in white, far right: Who asked this lady to speak? They need to be fired.

Reverend Graig Boutte (behind me) : Did she just say hyper-bowl?"


Little E said…
haha you are funny!

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