CC's Coffee talked about in Christianity Today Magazine!

From the article titled "The Mission of Business" November 2007 issue of Christianity Today.

" In 1999, Randy Russ was president and CEO of Community Coffee, one of the largest family-owned coffee companies in America. Spurred by his Christian faith and by the discovery of a great-tasting specialty coffee in an area of Columbia wracked by civil war, Russ and his company began a relationship with 500 family farmers in the Toledo-Labateca region. They formed a cooperative of former rivals to ensure quality and delivery. Fair-trade prices have raised the standard of living, and an annual performance bonus is invested in social development projects. With the support from key government and manufacturing groups, the farmers have built an agricultural high school, have invested in coffee processing equipment, and have improved their food supply with fishing farming. Local parish priest see the efforts as healing for the community."




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